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Bolton Motorcycle Club

Time & Observation Trial

Location Details

Phoenix Series

Time and Observation Trial

One off yearly event trial

Once a year and very popular!

Held at 400 Acres, Dunnockshaw, BB11 5NY

Entries for this Trial are limited and must be received before the day.

Due to its popularity, applications should be sent early to ensure acceptance.

The Regulations and Entry Form is HERE

Secretary: James McCanna 07702262436

 The Novex Series

Held at different locations

A Sunday morning trial. Each of the Novex series events are held at different locations. Each picked for their their excellent trials features. Name and Post-Code can be found against the event detail on the Events and Results page.

Novex routes include beginners, clubman, intermediate and expert.

Novex Trials Secretary: 
Phil Hazlewood 01204 304307

The Phoenix Series

Held at Grimehills

Grimehills is a Saturday afternoon trial popular with riders of all abilities.

It has a varied terrain, shale, mud, rocky streams in a large farmland area. The course is small enough to walk around with a rider, making it popular with younger riders and parents. Location is BB3 3PP up the hill opposite the Crown and Thistle Pub.

Phoenix routes include beginners, clubman, intermediate and expert

Grimehills Trial Secretary: David Fallows

01204 303638