Bolton Motorcycle Club

You probably already have an interest in motorcycles and maybe own one or two, perhaps a roadbike and you are looking for a new challenge to test your skills. Well trials will most certainly do that!

In the North West area there is usually an event on every weekend within an hours drive. With evening trials being held mid week during the summer.

Trials typically cost £15 to enter and will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete. Bigger events cost a little more and typically take 3-6 hours to complete.

If you are new to motorcycle trials there is a lot to learn...

The best way to learn is to go along to a local trial to watch and talk to local riders and officials. These days there's lots of information available and things to watch online, for example "You Tube".

Joining Bolton Motor Cycle Club:

If you wish to become a member of Bolton Motor Cycle Club you can join at any of our events by completion of our membership form along with a payment - currently £5 per year

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Bikes + Clothing

Bike choice is very important and regulated. Also you need the right gear!

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To ride in any ACU trials events you will be required to apply to the ACU for a trials competition licence. This currently costs £10 per year for which you will receive the ACU handbook containing all the rules and lots of helpful information. You will also receive a quarterly magazine.

The ACU can be found online here -

ACU Trials are categorised as follows:

  • Closed to Club - This means you must be a member of that club to take park in the event. (These are generally smaller events)
  • Open to Centre - You must be a member of any club in that centre e.g. North West Centre. (see ACU handbook for further details)
  • National - Open to any member of any ACU club.
  • International - If you ever achieve this level, you will know the score....